No Magic Pill

Knowledge + effort + time = success


Posted by Ben on Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to No Magic Pill, my attempt at a weekly (or so) blog focusing on living a fit lifestyle. Topics will include various training programs and methods, the latest nutrition news and studies (which tend to change every other week), and general lifestyle issues that affect individual, social, and global health with some odds and ends thrown in for fun. Rarely will you find motivational posts here—I’ll leave that to the experts. Much less rarely, I’ll likely go on a rant about something or other. Overall, though, my goal is to share my thoughts and the latest information and opinion from the realms science, media, politicos, and society in general on topics related to your fitness, all in a format more focused than the occasional fitness-related posts I’ve made elsewhere.

This blog spawned from some brainstorming and discussion that occurred at the JP Fitness Summit (official site, blog site) in Little Rock, Arkansas, in spring 2008. After two previous unsuccessful attempts, it was finally my first time attending, even though this was the sixth incarnation of the event, and through the grapevine and various anecdotal information from some who attended the previous year, I learned that Lou Schuler, whose blog I can’t recommend highly enough, had given a presentation on two tracks of fitness writing: having a lot of scientific knowledge but little writing experience, or having a little scientific knowledge and substantial writing abilities. I obviously fall into the latter category (c’mon, I have a B.A. and an M.A. in liberal arts), meaning I can churn out hundreds and thousands of words at the drop of a hat (not all of it BS), and though I have several years of informal experimentation and research under my belt, I simply don’t have the hard science background (yet—as of this post, I’m studying for my CSCS certification, though when that actually comes about is up in the air right now). I’m not the type of person to sidle up to Lou and simply ask for his presentation notes or become an Internet groupie and email him asking how to get started in the business, so instead, I decided to start this blog to see if I can actually produce some meaningful content. I’m not entirely sure where this whole thing will go—if it goes anywhere at all—but my goal is to post something at least once a week.

Why “No Magic Pill”? Because one of my biggest peeves is the continuing, mindless search for pristine health in the form of a simple medication in spite of deplorable diet and pointless exercise, if any. Everyone wants to find the easy way—well, no, not just the easy way, but the born-again way, where all your health- and lifestyle-related sins can be washed away (repeatedly, of course) with the ingestion of a single, magic pill. One issue I will likely hit on over and over is the return to primal living. Now, I’m not suggesting that we all go back to living in caves sans electricity and plumbing. Instead, I’m suggesting we eat how our bodies are evolved to eat, exercise intelligently to compensate for our increasingly sedentary and physiologically dysfuntional lifestyles, and use our technology to complement nature, not fight it. Other areas of focus will be rehabilitation, prehabilitation, imbalance correction, and everyday lifestyle modification, all of which became leading interests following a hamstring injury in spring 2007.

Again, welcome, and thanks always for reading, sharing, and recommending. I welcome all questions, comments, snide remarks (I expect these mostly), and especially your ideas for future blog posts.

Note: If you read this post, you pretty much read the About page (my personal information notwithstanding).


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