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Happy July 4th!

Posted by Ben on Friday, July 4, 2008

Okay, let’s be honest here. For one, I’m really only writing this because I’m stuck at work for a couple more hours before appropriately celebrating our nation’s independence (plus there’s been a LOT of link fodder the past couple days). For two, I sincerely hope that you’re not going to see this until Monday because you’re out celebrating as well (this goes for Canadians, too—Canada Day was only three days ago, so y’all should just be hitting your stride in celebrating, right?).

That being said, as I have yet to begin my own festivities for the afternoon, it’s certainly been a day rife with rant material (some of which is summarized here and here). Here’s a quick-and-dirty run-down of some other forehead slappers:

—With it being July 4, here are a couple pertinent to today. Apparently, sitting on your keister outside to watch fireworks is just too eco-unfriendly, but it’s okay to crank the A/C and the light and sound systems. At least someone finally thought to, ya know, preserve our nation’s most important document. Eventually. Also, is this really necessary?
—Eric Cressey posted an interesting image in his customary week-ending blog today. I have a really strong suspicion as to the name of the gym franchise that posted that sign, but seeing as how I don’t really care to incur any legal woes because of a rambling, ranting blog, I’ll save that for individuals’ interest. Let’s just say any place that posts a sign like that has very little genuine interest in the health of its clients and is instead more interested in its bottom line.
—Because I know you’ve been looking for the perfect way to mindlessly blow $25,000, I present you with TG’s offering of the day. I think the above-mentioned gym’s mindset applies here, too. Speaking of overhype… (no, really, even the restaurant’s owner says the clamor is ridiculous).
—Since when did gym equipment become a status symbol? Again, same mindset. Noticing a trend yet?
—I can’t leave the pharmaceutical companies out here. After all, aren’t they sort of the trendsetters in this area? (Hey, look! A magic pill!)
—Of course, the whole healthcare system is so politicized that it just doesn’t seem worth it sometimes (better get that check-up ASAP if you’re on Medicare or Medicaid). At least it seems skyrocketing insurance costs are prompting businesses to promote better baseline healthcare among their employees (yes, a glimmer of optimism amid this diatribe).
—Speaking of healthcare, why has it always been and continues to be acceptable to perform procedures on newborns without pain relief? And don’t even get me started on the physical ramifications of circumcisions (NSFW videos of Penn & Teller’s TV program on the issue – one, two, three)
—Here’s yet another example of holding others accountable for your own shortcomings (Dr. Mike has a great attitude about this—hey, sometimes, you just have to laugh)…
—…but people will keep buying anything labeled with the buzzword of the day.
—Along those lines, add “gyno spa” to the list. I guess that’s easier to say than Kegel, though obviously a lot more expensive, but at least you can blame someone else if it doesn’t work.
—Finally, just because I’m a word geek and happen to be on a roll right now, here’s some fodder from Uncle Sam’s military wing.

Yes, that was a TON and not so much quick-and-dirty. My bad. However, I don’t want to (ever) leave off a post on a bad note. Instead, here are some of the better, somewhat hopeful things to pass through my eyeballs over the past couple days:

—By now, you’ve probably caught on that I’m not exactly grain-friendly, but is there any way to avoid them? Leave it to Mark (as always) to guide you through the nutritional minefields.
—By the way, there is no such thing as bad cholesterol, just optimal percentages. Attributing “good” and “bad” labels creates a dogmatic, all-or-nothing mindset (in many more areas than just dealing with cholesterol).
—Students might start to forge their own childhood stories of walking forever to school (yeah, right, but one can always hope).
—Heat and humidity acclimation works to a point, but by and large, you just have to get used to it. If nothing else, you can chuckle to yourself as you run by a gym with all the hamster wheels—er, treadmills and ellipticals burning little more than electricity.
—More of a “duh” than anything else, at least proper hydration is being addressed in a more mainstream environment.
—Foam rollers and other self-myofascial release tools are (still) the poo (I can personally attest to the roller Eric linked in this post).

Now we come to the motivational portion of our show (yes, there actually is one today):

—Don’t assume you can’t do something. At least try it first.
—Like I said… (just be sure you’re well prepared first)
—Make sure you know WHY you’re doing WHAT you’re doing.

And finally, some strong words to get you going:

—From Scrubs (of all things).
—From Barbara Guerra.
—From Dave Tate (parts one and two; after various blog and forum discussions, I couldn’t leave this one out, and c’mon, it’s Dave Tate).

Hey, look at that. Putting all that together got me through to quitting time. Sweet. Apologies for the ranting, and thanks for indulging me. Hope y’all have/had a safe, happy, festive July 4th. Only 174 shopping days until Christmas.


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