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No, I didn’t forget about exercise…

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As you’ve probably noticed, most of what I write here deals with food, but as I linked for you last time, eating is fun. We all enjoy eating, and frankly, diet is usually the lynchpin in any healthy lifestyle—exercise all you want, but if you’re eating crap, well (I cringe at even thinking the cliche), you are what you eat, and based on several prior posts, you know where I think the crap is. However, that’s not to say exercise isn’t important. Heck, it can be as fun—if not more so—than eating (okay, okay, training will never be as fun as eating, step off). At least, exercise had better be fun and feel good to some extent, or you sure won’t want to stick with it. Think of all the excuses we’ve heard for not exercising: I don’t want to be sore, I have bad/weak knees/ankles/hips/elbows/shoulders/wrists, I don’t have time, I don’t know where to start, I’m scared of the gym, I’m allergic (no shit, this is a real excuse and deserving of a swift kick to the hind parts), I get bored too easily—wait, what? Bored, you say? Please. You’re bored because you don’t want to put any thought or effort into what you’re doing. Here, this will get you through almost a year (as of this writing, with a new routine added weekly). Too hard? Scale it down or substitute easier movements. Don’t know how? Ask. Maybe another time? Fine, Bob, STFU and GTFO.

Also last time, I linked to a post by Coach Steer about athletic intelligence, which basically touts quality over quantity. More importantly, don’t think that “athletic” doesn’t necessarily apply to the weekend warrior. In fact, there are moderately viable (depending on your goals) training programs out there that are designed for work on only two days per week for the severely time-crunched, and there’s nothing saying you can’t come up with your own stuff, but the bottom line is that it’s doable. Just don’t waste your time with the latest and greatest fad movements or something you just happened to see some brotard wannabe doing the other day (and don’t skip out on work to do it). Be smart, know your limitations (but don’t use them as excuses), get after it, and above all:

Keep. It. Simple.

For example, a friend of mine e-mailed me yesterday just to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in a few weeks. Over the course of the exchange, she asked how my CSCS studies were coming along (slowly) and mentioned that she needed a “physical makeover,” meaning a personal trainer of sorts. After a few more questions, I convinced her (I think) that she wouldn’t need to spend money to join a big scary gym, that she’d be equally (or better) served with a few minor purchases to do stuff at home, and that she would have to eat more (this one is going to take some arm twisting). What specifically will I recommend? That’ll depend on what she’s willing to do consistently, what she’s not willing to change, how much time and effort she’s willing to put in at the start, and so on and so forth. I’m pretty sure a light set of Thera-Band tubing and maybe a physioball, if anything, will be more than enough for awhile. See? Simple, not to mention inexpensive. Of course, this is totally dependent on how serious she is about doing this in the first place. We’ll see. I’ve heard this all before, from her and others, so I’m not holding my breath :)

—In spite of all the DIYs I’ve mentioned when it comes to your nutrition, what if you just don’t want to get your hands dirty? Enter remote-controlled (sort of) gardening.
—So much for the attack of the killer tomatoes.
—Despite his political incorrectnes—and the fact that I can’t stand political talk radio)—Michael Savage echoes my opinion on AD(H)D. Whether or not this truly extends to autism is yet to be determined.
—Speaking of controversy, assuming global warming is a consequence of solely human activity, fat obese weight-challenged people are contributing more than their share (yes, it’s an older link, but my opinion holds).
—Doctors’ Medicare payments are unchanged for now, but what about patient reimbursements?
Here‘s your usual age-is-no-excuse installment.

Here‘s more fat fear-mongering. Good thing Mark is around, even if he does get a little fruity sometimes.
—How walkable is your neighborhood/city?
—What would you think of a ten-year-old female bodybuilder? More power to you, darling, and keep up the good—smart—work.
—Tony sprinkles potpourri.
—Think you know some health basics? Turns out that shellfish are okay year-round, and sunscreen doesn’t screen much. At last check, though, prolonged exposure to UV rays still promotes melanoma, and sleep still helps memory retention.
—So far, taxes seem to encourage smokers to quit. Do the ends justify the means?
—Stone Nudes (NSFW). Yes, the linguistic innuendos are inevitable, but that’s some good photography. Nice scenery, too. On a somewhat related note, pr0n apparently isn’t recession-proof after all. Further, Janet Jackson’s boob is legally “decent,” which says nothing about reality *vurp*
—Geek-out: tongue-kinesis, search all of Craig’s List at one time, learn to speak fish-ese.

—Get past the “dip.”
— love: “The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me,” psychology continues to evolve, and they write as well as talk.


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  1. Redlefty said

    Uh oh, another freak! I’ve been addicted to that site for months.

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