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Friday finale?

Posted by Ben on Saturday, August 2, 2008

They did it. They really, truly, honestly did it. They created a magic pill, which by itself is nothing unusual, but this pill causes muscular adaptation in the body that renders actual exercise unnecessary. This blog, started less than two months ago, is quickly rendered obsolete.

Even more amazingly, I actually said that with a straight face :) Yes, I’m writing again late on a Friday night (well, Saturday morning by the time this is finished). No, I don’t have anything better to do. Yes, I know that most of you won’t read this until Monday, if at all. No, I’m not even supposed to be here today, but it seems I’ve developed a nasty habit of working Friday nights lately. Rather than get into my own diatribe about what this latest pharmaceutical attempt to avoid work really means, I’ll instead hand you off to Andrew, who has already done a superb—if admittedly biased—job of pointing out the underlying humor involved here (speaking of bias, which I’ve harped on before, Alan Aragon was a guest blogger over at Lyle McDonald’s site where he delved into the issue of biased research—put your thinking caps on for this pile of gold, and no, I’m not faking it). Bottom line: our societal weight will continue on its path to Wall-E proportions for the foreseeable future.

Since it feels like a nutrition kind of day, I want to toot my own horn for a second and say that, for some odd reason, I’m on an unprecedented streak in the kitchen (no, that doesn’t involve cooking naked—do you know what popping grease can do?). I’ve never been much of a cook until the last couple months when I’ve been cooking (not eating) for two. I enjoy cooking but have never really cared enough about it to dress it up since it’s just been for me, and when that’s the case, I eat more for my macronutrient numbers than for flavor. That being said, my second batch of beef jerky in the last two months is going into the dehydrator this weekend—the first batch was usually enough to last over a week but made it only three days (rather than give my very simple recipe, try Mark’s instead—it’s a lot more difficult than mine). I’ve had a bag of pinto beans sitting the cabinet for weeks and finally took two minutes to throw them on the stove for a day (I’ll remember to add the ham bone next time), which worked out great since I found a long-forgotten box of corn muffin mix—hey, sometimes, I like to eat like I know where I live (fried green tomatoes are in the queue), which most certainly doesn’t involve intermittent fasting (not that it’s not a viable option for some people). All this comes amid the little daily successes and surprises of tweaks here and experiments there (baked stuffed squash, stuffed tomatoes, no-carb squash and tomato casserole, Asian prep of decidedly non-Asian veggies, etc, etc), and no, I don’t have recipes (so far), just some mostly blind leaps of hope that have turned out well. That’s not to say I don’t have Domino’s on speed dial, just in case.

—It’s too soon for the dust to have settled from that recent low-carb-wins study, but then, when you have commentary like that from Dr. Eades, it’s still entertaining to follow. It also questions the conventional wisdom of “a calorie is a calorie”—some say yes, some say no (you say good-bye, I say hello).
—Last time, I linked one of several recent articles about renewed concern over cell phone radiation risks. What these studies fail to consider is that a large number of people who might be affected won’t be around long enough to be affected.
—Sunscreen labeling may be getting its legislative day in the sun.
—As our population ages, will that be reflected in a more “seasoned” moviegoing experience?

—Mark extends his pinky finger to the LA Sheriff’s Department.
—Sometimes, “green” is a euphemism, but leave it to Brad to channel Dr. Seuss.
—The guys at Cressey Performance toss out their usual Friday randomness. Of particular note, Eric demonstrates how to use a leg abductor (aka: “good girl”) machine as a human slingshot, and Tony reminds us that C is for cookie. Elsewhere, Leigh says that C is for—oh just shut up and eat more already! (This link is a gratuitous excuse to, um, promote the Ringside Boxing heavy bag, yeah, so I’ll be expecting my, um, royalty check—or pin-up calendar—any day now, kthxbye.)
—Andrew offers firsthand commentary on how dumbbells are sometimes found behind the gym desk, not just in the free-weight area.
—I finally landed a copy of SimCity Societies and Destinations this week (it’s been nice knowing y’all). I’ll be considering the use and impact—though unfortunately not the full economics—of mass transit in varying sizes of cities, and I’m pretty sure space travel won’t fly on frequent flyer miles (truth may be stranger than fiction here). I WILL be trying my hand at creating viable walking cities, though. Speaking of video games, here’s a Johnny-come-lately article on fitness in gaming, and here’s one on how the interactive music performance genre may get a little more acoustically genuine in the near-future.
—Geek-out: Intel pwnz OLPC, the Antikythera Mechanism, how to stop a fight (I really just wanted an excuse to post the article-ending video), happy birthday to cable TV regulation (and to even more largely subjective red tape), the cosmic Rosetta Stone, the world’s fastest production car goes topless, gallery of the recent solar eclipse, origami on crack, cable cars still rolling, a $46,000 oil change.

—This thirty-three year old mother of three is going to Beijing. Also, check out Ross’ new video compilation.
—Beware the company you keep.
—Even the most overwhelmed of parents can find inner peace, and it doesn’t involve muzzles or ritual sacrifice.
—Talent is never enough.


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