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A case of the Mondays?

Posted by Ben on Monday, August 11, 2008

Yes, I stole that from Office Space. Yes, it’s horribly cliche and overused by now. Yes, I know you probably stopped reading at the title, but I’m going to continue anyway. No, I don’t really have a case of the Mondays, but I’m feeling uncreative at the moment, so :P

ANYway, I posted the following on my training log this morning and figured I’d give you a Monday trifecta to read at work:


I spent an unplanned, unlogged three hours or so at/in a friend’s pool yesterday. For one, though I got some good sun, I STILL have a tan line on my legs from the Friday boat outing at the summit (yeah, I got cooked despite the sunscreen). For two, this was my first time shirtless in public since said summit (those pictures remain under lock-and-key), and in comparison to everything else at the pool, I actually felt pretty good about it, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. For three, having fun doing nothing is hard work. I slept really well last night, all night, for the first time in a couple months, though “all night” meant only just over six hours. Hey, it’s a start, but I have a feeling I’m going to have a tougher time getting to my workout today (maybe I can get a nap at work).

That being said, I’ve been fidgety and restless as all hell for the past week or so. Insomnia aside, it’s been a little difficult to explain, but I do know that I’m not currently reading something, which is usually a good indicator (mass purchase from Amazon is set to arrive later this week). Something also hit me this morning that I’ll continue to explore over the next few days, basically a “why am I doing this” in my studies. Am I studying for the CSCS because I hold that certification in high regard (less so lately), because it’ll get me doing something I really want to do, or because it’ll get me out of a work and living situation I’ve long since tired of? After reading several recent posts on this and other forums, and after researching other certifications (namely ISSA–which has several supplemental certifications I really like–and NASM), the sense I got from the questioning this morning was that I’m not so much interested in getting letters as I am in just simply opening and running my own small, hole-in-the-wall gym that caters to people like me who hate the typical franchise “fitness center.” Opening my own place has always been an option, just one that’s been WAAAY back on the stove, maybe even on the backsplash rather than even a back burner. I don’t need a certification to own/operate a gym, just a viable business plan and a small-ish loan (or sugar mama). (Of note, I’ve also wanted to open my own dance club–country/Western, of course–for awhile since the only decent place in town has really tanked over the past year or so, and I really hate giving them the two-dollar cover to get in, let alone the cost of any drinks.)

Part of what triggered this dormant thought was a quick conversation with an ex who lives in Richmond. She mentioned that the old 24-hour gym I used when I lived up there had been turned into an Irish pub (the place had been a restaurant in the first place, and I knew the gym owner had sold the space) and that the place had literally been destroyed after a blow-out party of some sort. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the place other than it was the only 24-hour gym I’ve belonged to, a tiny place accessibly only by a microchipped key given to each member, meaning the “desk” didn’t have to be staffed all the time (a closed-circuit camera recorded the entrance for ten seconds every time the door opened). It was just a great setup that I haven’t really stopped missing.

This isn’t to say I won’t get a certification–after all, that’ll put some legitimacy behind the ownership–but I’m thinking more and more that the CSCS isn’t what I want (anyone want to buy some study materials?). Though there is more expense, and though I’m already an NSCA member (I can let that expire eventually), I’ll likely look toward those other aforemention letters for the sake of letters when it comes to that, but I’m thinking that I’ll shift some temporal and mental resources toward the whole “my own place” thing. I’m already technically an independent contractor, so maybe it’s time to actually be my own boss.



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