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Posted by Ben on Friday, September 19, 2008

Nothing profound or even majorly worthwhile today, just a thanks to everyone who happens to stop by here every now and then. I have another ton of links to share, but those can wait until next time. It’s been just over three months since I started this blog, and though the site traffic is pretty paltry compared to, well, everyone over in that right-hand column, I honestly didn’t figure on getting more than the occasional single hit once a day or so, if that, when this thing started. Thanks largely to the forums at JP Fitness and the running calendar I keep here, I have quite a few more daily hits (on average) than expected, especially since this blog was—and still is—meant primarily as just an experiment to see if I can produce a substantial, informed, and largely correct (according to the latest information) body of fitness-related material. Obviously, so far, I haven’t done much for original content, but I’m hopeful that will come along once I get more into a working environment with this stuff (all I have now are my own continuing experiences and anecdotal material from a couple other people). Maybe then, I can also settle on a common format for these posts. So anyway, thanks again. That’s all.


3 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. Brianne said

    Great blog! I saw this link somewhere else and thought it would make good fodder for you to rant about, seeing how I’m sure you think soooooo highly of any trainer that goes on Oprah

    Here is a little gem of the trainer’s advice from the article:

    “Then, Gwyneth moves on to arm exercises that require little to no resistance. ‘Only 3-pound weights,’ Tracy says. ‘No woman should lift more than 3 pounds.’ “

  2. Ben said

    Oh, c’mon, that’s not even worth ranting on. Too easy. Two things immediately jump out:

    1. The first line is: “Want a body like Gwyneth’s?” Of course, the answer should be “no,” but even if it’s “yes,” why would you be concerned with lifting weights in the first place? In my oh-so-humble opinion, any woman who actually wants that body should booze it up and chain-smoke. Don’t do anything strenuous, don’t eat, and life will be grand. Good God, her head is bigger than her chest (in circumference!).

    2. More shockingly, “no woman should lift more than three pounds.” Really? So that means you aren’t supposed to lift/hold/carry your newborn baby unless it’s a preemie that should be in a NICU anyway, let alone any other infant or toddler? A gallon of milk weighs about eight pounds. Hell, I’ll bet that monster bottle of horse shampoo that’s taking up three feet of shelf space in the shower weighs at least five pounds. Oh, by the way, just looking at the band-based warm-up, those bands provide more than three pounds of resistance. And yes, even Gwyneth’s leg weighs (barely) more than five pounds, so her glutes are obviously being overworked.

    I only wish I could talk like Gilbert Godfrey so as to adequately convey my thoughts and feelings on that “article.” In Oprah’s defense *gasp* *faint*, she’s a businesswoman. She knows what sells, and fads sell. Hype sells. Lonely, jaded, bitter, overweight, socially awkward, insecure, middle-aged women are her bread-and-butter, and they buy stuff. They buy all the magic pills they can get there meaty little hands on. Tracy, Doctor Oz, Doctor Phil, all snake-oil salespeople, and they know it, yet they or anyone else who gets on the show, the reading list, or in the magazine gets immediate credibility. Anyone who thinks Oprah is more than an entertainer and a media mogul is horribly deluded.

    I will say that I liked her in The Color Purple with Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. Brianne said

    LOL @ horse shampoo. Your rant pretty much echoes my thoughts, but you do it funnier : )

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