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Who wants a puppy?

Posted by Ben on Saturday, November 15, 2008

This isn’t going to be a normal blog from me. Long story short, yesterday I came into possession of a litter of nine puppies who were staying out in the weather, which has turned rainy the past couple days and looks to get below freezing through next weekend.



Black – Moe (smaller girl), Larry (boy), Curly (bigger girl); white – Wilbur (runt boy), Rascal (bigger boy); brown – Tinny (darker-faced boy), Zorro (lighter-faced boy); fawn – Scooter (boy), Lyra (girl).

Yes, they’ve been named. I don’t know why. It wasn’t my idea—well, not all of them; I was going to give them all names of some of my favorite literary characters, but Lyra (Northern Lights) and Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web) is as far as I got before the girlfriend got to them, so I had to name a couple on the fly. More pictures on my Facebook.

Right now, they easily fit into half my bathtub, which is where they sleep (for now since I came home from running errands this morning to discover they’d learned how to turn on the water), and my bathroom provides plenty of room to run around and chew on stuff without me having to worry about them messing up the floor (yay tile!). I’m skipping resuming my training this weekend, which was the plan up until this morning after getting maybe three hours of sleep last night (note to self: never have kids), on which I place full blame for my eating two Egg McMuffins this morning. Shame on me (though I did make my weekly farmer’s market run this morning as well), but I’ll be back at it on Monday. Hopefully.

I have no intention of keeping any of them, but I did want to give them a chance to get good homes, so if you or anyone you know in the general Charlotte area is looking to adopt—it’s just over a month until Christmas *ahem*—please feel free to leave a comment below, email me, or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter (can you tell I’m accessible?).


Hey, look! I made it on Mark’s blog! I guess there’s something to that whole “topical” post thingy instead of just, oh I dunno, random crap. I’m SURE it also had NOTHING to do with the fact that (I’m guessing) half or more of the links in my last post were from Mark. Nosiree. Nothing like a little virtual back scratching, eh? Let’s see… he called it “wonderful,” so does that mean I use a similar adjective for one of his posts, his whole blog, or do I just send flowers and a thank-you card?


Now, for the original reason for this post:

Oh yeah, now we’re getting somewhere. In skipping the gym this morning, I was able to go pick up my Harley from its servicing at the dealer. Movember is halfway over, so it’s time to start thinking about grooming (if any). I’ll be okay for another couple days, but it’s going to start getting annoying soon, so I’ll entertain any suggestions for what to do with this scruff (I have a facial hair trimmer as well as a razor, so there are a lot of possibilities).

No links today, but they’re piling up, so be ready for a purge coming soon.


4 Responses to “Who wants a puppy?”

  1. Brianne said

    OMG so much snuggly, cuddly cuteness! Thank you so much for helping out these little guys! The mud picture is so sad…

  2. Buk said

    As short as this post is, I read it in parts; then when looking at the comments I associated the first one with only the end of the blog post. I was throughly confused for a bit. Good luck getting rid of those puppies. And congrats on making Marks blog – there was some pass through to my blog from your “On the Cheap” post so it even got through to me. But I am small time and need to do some updating. Been busy out the wazoo lately.

  3. Ben said

    What, I don’t just reek of snuggly, cuddly cuteness?

  4. Brianne said

    welllll….maybe you do now, what with the new facial hair….. :D

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