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Let the comparisons begin

Posted by Ben on Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, it’s time to start naming the beard’s look-alike. I think I’ve outgrown the Robert Urich likeness (gotten that since I was sixteen, so who knows).

Took this just after 7am this morning while at the station, so you get the early-morning STFU look as a freebie.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, this thing is… well… I’ll just say I don’t know how people do it permanently. I’ve curtailed my beer consumption since I don’t want to waste any getting lost in the whiskers (at least until I remember to get some straws at the next fast food joint I visit *snicker*). I never realized how unevenly my facial hair grows. It’d take a couple months of steady growth and grooming to get it all to even out, and while it’d work well for the grizzled biker look, I think I prefer a more aerodynamic look. At any rate, I’m thinking I’ll just grow it out completely, then take a couple pictures as I experiment with looks while trimming and shaving it down at the end of the month (unless I’m used to it by then).

This is going to be interesting sitting through Thanksgiving lunch with the girlfriend’s family with this thing. I just hope I don’t lose any turkey in there—well, unless it’ll keep until later. Ya know, now that I think about it, I get to wear this thing through the girlfriend’s birthday night out tonight (dinner, dueling piano bar, etc). Shirt, tie, scrub, awesome. I can’t decide if I want to go ahead and attempt grooming it down or just letting it poof as-is. Probably the latter. I’m feeling lazy today, and I’m sure any pictures from tonight will be roundly mocked regardless of facial hair :)


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