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Posted by Ben on Thursday, December 4, 2008

No, I still haven’t shaved yet. In the back of my mind, I’m toying with letting the whole mess grow out until I get all these puppies adopted since I started the Movember thing right around the time all the pups came into my life (three black chows left and only three weeks until Christmas *wink*), even though someone already said I have a caveman look going on as it is:

I’m thinking more toward a little hair coloring, a cool hat, some sunglasses…

It’s oddly no small coincidence that I just happened to think of the above picture. From my training log this morning:

So I finally decided to embrace a weird correlation I’ve been tinkering with over the past couple months. I’ve noticed that on days when I absolutely cannot get in sync playing Guitar Hero, I really shouldn’t be lifting. For some reason, there are days when my hand-eye coordination just isn’t there, and no matter how easy a song I try to play, I just can’t get it. Those are the days I feel the worst and am therefore very iffy on working out–if I can’t get my fine motor skills to match up with some pretty buttons on a TV screen, how in the world am I supposed to safely complete Olympic and other ballistic lifts? Conversely, on days when I’m nailing the harder songs, I feel better in general (both before and after playing, so it’s not a cause-and-effect, just a correlation) and specifically toward being able to safely lift with maximal intensity.

Weird? Yes. Working? So far.

So, there it is. I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m guessing it’s a good indicator of how my brain is functioning—if I can’t get through “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn,” forget it; if I can hit 90% or better on, say, “Rooftops,” then I’m good to go; if I get through any Tool song on “hard” without getting booed off the stage, I’d better be hitting personal records :)

This post from Brad got me thinking about how businesses coordinate their locations. Next time you’re out running errands, take a look at the niche/franchise gyms and weight-loss centers embedded in strip malls and note who their neighbors are. I remember noticing this back near my first post-college gym (in Concord, NC, for those of you in the area). My gym itself was a stand-alone building, but across the parking lot was a pizza place. The drive to and from the gym took me by a weight-loss center seated adjacent to a sandwich place. Is it any small wonder that my current gym (same as the first gym, just a different location) has pizza parties and buffalo wing get-togethers? In the freaking lobby, no less, so EVERYone has to pass through the aroma (now that I think about it, that first gym did that, too—bastards). To hell with people getting healthier—let’s make some money!

A couple things before the links:
—Lyle McDonald has a revamped website but the same kick-ass content. Go there.
—America’s Hat is now letting fatties fly free (well, sort of, based on body volume). Hey, whatever, but ever since I was sandwiched between two mammoths on a flight from Baltimore to Buffalo (coincidence?) several years ago and practically breathing through a straw poked through the sliver of daylight creeping from between the straining lap belt extenders (the only airspace not consumed by blubber), I have no sympathy. I happen to overhang the armrest on most economy-class seats—at my shoulders—yet I can’t say anything about having no elbow room since my hips fit, but if I happened to have a bulbous ass that spills over the armrests into another seat like an over-yeasted loaf of bread baking, I can get cheaper airfare per cubic inch of human mass? I think Michelle needs to comment.
—My Hurricanes fired highly successful (as in won the Stanley Cup) head coach Peter Laviolette this week and hired back former yet also successful head coach Paul Maurice. Huh? The ‘Canes are (barely) above .500 only a couple dozen games into the season, and it’s panic time? This makes about as much sense as the Bobcats hiring Ben Stein—er, Larry Brown. I won’t be surprised if the results are similar.

Thanksgiving leftovers: food fights, leftovers recipes, fourteen reasons to be thankful, in defense of holiday gluttony, in defense of holiday restraint, visual turkeys of 2008, how some spent the morning (I was at the track running with one of my dogs), tips for recovery.

Body bits: keeping workouts short and sweet, fixing your lunge, Mark goes clubbing (talk about primal), two big mistakes, some lower-back pain relief and exercise, corrective exercise defined, proper physioball sizes, body composition defined.

Edibles: Brian’s five for now, “bioengineered” sounds better than “genetically modified” (peanuts still resist), Dr. Eades goes nuts in his photo food diary (here, here, here, and here), milk as a sports drink, health halo paradox (Andrew’s take), organic people, Tony <3 protein powder (and Lyle), eating to beat stress (not), Mark takes on cowpooling (I’m still looking for Charlotte-area people interested in this!).

Mind matters: the business of happiness, the coming neurological epidemic, mental disorders rampant in young adults (this is called “growing up,” ya pricks), body swapping therapy, owning another body, mechanisms of personal perception and identification.

Kiddie corner: early fitness supports lifetime fitness, sports gene testing *face palm* (Ross’ take), training the baseball catcher, pre-natal exercise may reduce epidural need, labor envy (not me), ignorance is bliss for the FDA and the lame-duck President, media (over)use impacts health, pop music trumping lullabies, exercise clothing during pregnancy, parental benefits of an empty nest.

Fiscal fitness: have sex to save money (just remember: kids are expensive), Big Pharma accused of delaying generics, money-saving video games, more people turning to the fitness industry (read: check those credentials thoroughly).

General health: America’s health faces downfall, avoiding exercise immediately before blood work, no-smoke no problem for Big Tobacco, drug samples being bypassed, clinic discloses drug maker ties, medical manners, yes for heroin but no for weed (odd).

—Transportation: EV cycle that won’t get you splatted, first new Lotus in thirteen years, Wheego $19K EV, get your BMW Mini-E EV (if you can), hot rodding hybrids, Detroit downsizing, self-driving scarab, Fisker’s Karma comes around, Boeing’s hydrogen future.
—Tech stuff: nuclear anniversaries, Wiimote musical hack, accidentally awesome cameras, batteries may give way to fuel cells (what could possibly go wrong?), JFK’s magic bullet gets funding, terror tech advances, cell phones as terrorism threat, World Wide Web safer (for now), the trouble with social advertising, surgery-by-text, Facebook for the filthy rich, Logitech makes one-billionth mouse, what NASA has done for you, a decade of the ISS (pictures).
—Nature: the world’s biggest trees, hacking salmons’ mental compass, creative green ideas, our solar submarine, key life-building molecule found, supernova re-run.
—Miscellaneous: prehistoric wound dressing, geeked-out hotels, Canadian diamond rush, the age of big ideas, comic books to save science education, Second Life possibilities, copper theft threatens infrastructure.

Git r dun:
—A strong body is a body in its natural state.
—“Genetics” is just another excuse.
—Firsthand transformation.
—A soldier who refused to torture.
—Knowing isn’t necessarily doing.
—Leave your comfort zone.
—Six keys to killer workouts.


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