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Posted by Ben on Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yeah, no links last time (not counting the hiccup post yesterday). I was way too involved in spewing my snobiness about pizza and beer to detract from it all, and since I’m so far behind on my links, I figured I’d just do a full follow-up post of nothing but links. Also, I was supremely sick for the first half of this past week (I won’t go into details—you’re welcome) and am only just now starting to feel like a human being again. No cold, no flu, just some odd reaction to something I ate or drank that led to some flu-like symptoms as well as some pretty substantial dehydration. I was only able to keep down cheese toast and ginger ale for breakfast, and burgers and fries for supper, ice cream was okay, but no water, no supplements, or other foods. I did manage some Gatorade, though. At least I can (a) re-gain weight pretty easily (the girlfriend got me a loaf of sourdough from Nova’s today), and (b) this didn’t come in the middle of a formal training program, so I’m not backtracking too much. Also, I finally ordered an Xbox 360 and Rock Band 2, so I have roughly a week to be productive before disappearing for a couple months :) There’s so much here that I’ve probably got a typo or four in there and maybe a broken link or two, so as always, just holler at me in the comments, and I’ll fix it up. Enjoy.

More new-year crap (let it go already!): keeping those resolutions, try something new, little wonder so many people leave after a month, going primal, re-doing the kitchen, face-palm “happiness” from across the pond (the comments are pretty good), ten things launched into space, ten scientific breakthroughs, when things don’t go according to plan, how things went, more video games to watch for, what will change everything?

More Oprah crap: the horror, her trainer still wants you to buy his stuff (coincidence?), point-and-laugh from Tony.

Body bits: more props for bodyweight exercise, how to properly stretch your chest, proper push-ups, looking at the seated cable row, “upper” and “lower” abs don’t exist (in case you forgot), surviving the kettlebell start-up, Tabata sprints, running options for ice and snow, adjusting your training priorities (also here and here; figured this one out the hard way), child’s play to open up the hips, making exercise a part of your life (not all of it), fixing form (in kids and adults), find your optimum fat-loss rate, fixing anterior pelvic tilt, stop treating pain symptoms (consider the foundation), some actual usefulness for BMI (a better calculation).

Edibles: have your say in the upcoming 2010 USDA dietary recommendations (Mark’s carb curve), really-quick breakfast, homemade primal energy bar and chili and tomato sauce (and stumbling blocks), some unheralded primal foods, veggies are our friends, Paul on pizza (me on pizza etc), the art of baking bread (this guy also does a mean pizza), a lesson on braised artichokes, don’t rely on supplements, chocolate milk more than sufficient PWO drink (if you still buy into nutrient timing), man versus chicken, some straight talk on HCFS (my note: in my uneducated opinion, the issue isn’t the fructose or metabolic treatment, on which this article focuses; instead, it’s the carbon structure of the corn used as a carrier in HCFS), news flash – “detox” diets are hoaxes *gasp*, nutritional chaos, not ALL processing is bad, Heart Attack Grill *shudder* (though I do wish In-n-Out would come to the East Coast), Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s viral backlash, how natural is “natural“?

Mind matters: low/no-carb diets are NOT long-term brain busters (I can attest that getting started sucks, and the second time is worse), training environment, the food reward, Tetris tempers traumatic stress, spending time with unknown and/or disagreeable ideas, high caffeine intake may promote hallucinations, flirting with a four-hour work week.

Kiddie corner: now THIS is a step in the right direction for phys-ed, watch this video before you even THINK about coaching kids (try playing with them at the end of practice), coaching for biological age round-up, the power of context, get those girls moving, catching obesity early, borderline exploitation, childhoods of Spartan diets (a bit melodramatic), vegetarian kids, plastic surgeries on the rise (doesn’t help that some are making house calls), manners are not optional.

Fiscal fitness: learn to cook, whether or not to buy that equipment (Andrew’s take and where to put it), the trainer-client relationship, anti-energy drinks (you pay for uppers AND downers now?), don’t buy these diet books (you already know this stuff—and better—for free), some healthcare hell, $100 studio-in-a-box, skip the Blockbuster downloads, a near-future Awesome Depression, biological evidence for global financial problems, giving consumers what they want, don’t expect IRS love for DIY EV conversions.

General health: doctor shopping isn’t a bad thing, a checklist for the surgeon, the Chicken Littles of observational studies, dissecting a statin advertisement, preliminary promise for cortisol, breaking down insulin, sleep-emailing, bacteria also suffer when sleepless, air ambulances overloaded, tennis balls help Parkinson’s, golf can damage hearing, overdriving bodily repair, Big Pharma and others looking for love potion, more FDA fun and games (drugs from GM goats, doing work that could’ve been avoided with proper oversight in the first place, mismanagement alleged yet again, death redefined.

—Transportation: recycled plastic bicycle, quietest parade EVer, Obama’s limo tank, Detroit auto show leaner and greener (see: GM, Fisker), eco-overhauled Microbus, Honda challenges Prius, teched-out Taurus, Mercedes McLaren SLR, 42mpg VW roadster, BMW “pocket truck,” next-gen Prius, Lotus EV, Tesla/Daimler EV, solar EVs invade Hollywood, British steam car boiling, software aims to reduce road rage, Icon A5 flying thingy, talks SkyCar, trains trump planes in Spain, Jumbo Hostel a reality, air traffic control facilities suffering, questioning aviation biofuel, pay-as-you-go airline.
—Mobile tech: phones becoming better music players, Slacker Radio hits BlackBerry (this. is. awesome.) and iPhone, quasi-PTT for your BlackBerry, Skype giving it another try, Dick Tracy watch becomes reality, broadcast TV coming to mobile devices, wireless power wirelessly, Palm may still be relevant, Dell entering smartphone fray.
—General tech: news ranked by Twitter, iTunes ditches DRM, cheap MacBook killer, Windows 7 beta released (comic, get a copy), why faxes won’t go away, the WOW desktop, why budget all-in-one desktops will fail, Guitar Hero for real guitar, Polaroid goes digital, Intel cash registers invoke Minority Report, handheld ultrasound, how Google could save newspapers (but why?), how video will save audio, some people may lose TV reception next month (O NOEZ! the horror!—wait, how is rabbit-ears TV reception a sign of vulnerability?), unveiling the new lunar rover.
—Nature: The Big Picture, what fossils can teach, behold the pink iguana, monkey gadget junkies (and a few others), human hunters shrinking prey, turning restaurants into power plants, green could turn red into black, chemicals come to life, magic of mushroom spores, night-sky viewing for dummies, Earth’s appetite for destruction, glimpse into the moon’s past, more targets for ETs, near-Earth Earths (some candidates), Milky Way 50% larger than previously thought (candy bar still sucks), fly through a supernova remnant, bright light mystery, black holes may actually create galaxies.
—Anniversaries/Birthdays: “low-cost” space shuttle OK’d, tech skeptic Jacques Ellul, Foucault’s pendulum experiment, President #1 encourages science, Venus’ ashen light, good morning Dave and ten co-conspirators), ejection seat works (it’s a good thing), first successful US Caesarian operation, Boston molasses party, rough day to be a cosmonaut, books to celebrate Darwin.
—Miscellaneous: the science of funding science, celebrating the scientific experiment, how to safely and cheaply destroy leftover explosives (ya know, just in case), a life in the seriousness of design, blogging to print, Army’s “mad scientist” assembly, mathematical roots of architecture, ways of seeing, understanding comics, get to know Steven Pinker (this is a non-debatable point).

Git r dun:
—Finding your “element” and others who jumped ship (and congrats to Karla).
—Do you REALLY know the real reasons behind your vices?
—The story of Carl Joseph.
—Give yourself some credit.
—Training in the morning.
—Protecting your dreams.
—Will Smith’s keys to success.
—Arguably the fittest incoming President in recent memory (get the photosynth).
—Curt Schilling gives Eric Cressey some love (and you should, too).


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