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Posted by Ben on Saturday, January 31, 2009

Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Giada de Laurentiis is yummy—this is a non-debatable point—but just like Rachel Ray, I have to watch with the TV muted. Both are obviously passionate about their work (whether that’s actual cooking or just stage/screen presence, I dunno), something we should all strive for. I’m developing an enthusiasm for cooking myself, and while I’m nowhere near their know-how, I’m learning and getting better, I think—we’ll see how the Super Bowl party goes as I’m slated to make as many pizzas as a double-recipe for dough will allow (I’m more enthused about the pizzas than the game since Carolina is out).

So, you have people who really know what they’re doing and love doing it, and you have people who want to know more about what they love doing. Both are good types of people to be around and follow (hopefully the former is also part of the latter). Then, you have those who use enthusiasm to hide the fact that they don’t really know anything about whatever it is they’re saying. Take this story I saw on a tweet (that’s a Twitter message, for those of you not in the cool-kids crowd) from Joe. There’s no question that Nicole is passionate—even fanatical—about her cause, and let’s face it: she has a great marketing ploy. In fact, Joe’s message read, “If we all gave up fur and meat, would half-naked women still go snowboarding? Eat steak or they might disappear.” Agreed. We should all endeavor to eat more meat so PETA continues to trot out its shapeliest members in as little clothing as possible. After all, meat IS murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

(I’m omitting an easy side rant or three here: the hypocrisy of PETA, the evolutionary necessity of eating meat, the mindset of the animal or vegetable toward a human if given the opportunity to quiet a growling stomach, and so on. You’re welcome.)

I haven’t been in a gym in well over a month. Frankly, I don’t miss it, even as I continue to build up my activity level from, well, nothing while rehabbing some problem areas (that have all but disappeared after only a week of re-starting Core Performance—why I left that type of programming, I dunno). Tony, on the other hand, while usually insulated from the commercial gym setting while working and training at Cressey Performance, recently had the fortune of slumming it with the rest of us. Yep, he got to see the cardio bunnies, the machine warriors, and the “GET SOME!!1!!1!1” brotards that he’s so sorely missed. Poor Tony.

The funniest part about Tony’s plight is that the F-bomb air-humpers were trainers at that gym. I can’t imagine what it would be like to train under one of them. They obviously exhibit some measure of enthusiasm, but in a personal training setting, are they more enthused for your health and fitness or for their bottom line? Do they keep up with the latest research and proven training methods, or are they more likely to be hyping the latest fad exercise and equipment? Do they coach you on proper movement patterns, or are they more concerned that you “feel the burn”? Do they explain their methodology, or do they just want you to “GET SOME!!1!!1!1”?

Think about it.

—Leigh is looking for writers and more for a new website launch.
—I started following the fingers behind Healthy Urban Kitchen on Twitter. Looks pretty good on first scan.
—The folks at Biosingularity just posted a ton of stuff. Go take a look. (I had most of it linked below, but it was just a tad too much.)
—Anyone seen Strong yet? I haven’t quite pulled the trigger on buying the DVD.
—Anyone used Yaktrax? I’m curious how they’d work with my Vibrams, if at all.

Body bits: the importance of coordination, Lyle warms up for the weight room (here and here), weight training for basketball, heavy-hold “support” training, benefits of the yoga table (also try the sun salutation and cat-cow), NFL Combine training (20yd shuttle, 40yd dash), training style determines body image (see Mark’s changes), strength and rehab from Eric (also on glute activation and “creep“), progressive overload = results (a push-ups example), more from PN on recovery, insulin versus growth hormone for fat loss, body weight recomposing, PerformBetter seminar round-up, Steve Cotter is still an alien (here, here, and here).

Edibles: primal comfort foods, organic is not always better (hint: try local first), for the love of kale, the vegetarian wars (here and here), low-carbing in Mexico, scientific Super Bowl snacks.

Mind matters: cutting calories may benefit memory, a book from inside the mental health system, music may be inborn, two decades of frustration, the importance of routine, your prize.

Kiddie corner: why test young athletes, punishment is not coaching (this and this is), a case against Candy Land, eating dirt is good for a developing immune system, playing with purpose.

Fiscal fitness: Coke sued over VitaminWater’s health claims, people actually pay to lift people.

General health: the essence of Grok, wash your hands, Andrew’s potpourri, legislating away the sodium, the joy of appendicitis, more reason to question the “FDA-approved” label (do you REALLY want to ingest a suntan “drug”?).

—Mobile tech: reasons I will not return-follow you on Twitter, remembering Challenger on Twitter.
—General tech: running on high-tech legs, robots among us, threat to quantum computing, NASA losing its head, Mars Spirit Rover hiccups.
—Nature: bacteria traces human lineage, Neolithic murder mystery, animal kindom reconfigured, natural selection not sole cause of evolution, the fastest-evolving bird, drought-resistant grass, cleaner air promotes longevity (duh), Earth’s mass extinctions, global cooling hacks (meh), scars reveal triceratops fighting style, “dark” side of the sun, exoplanetary extreme, a star is born next door (many more beyond), black hole jets.
—Miscellaneous: hearing with your face, a look at invention and education, Nobel laureates speak out for scientific funding, Obama’s fast start on science, hunting the next killer virus, playing the Cape Breton fiddle (Natalie MacMaster is awesome), blogging/painting on American democracy, the Inspired Minds Deck.

Git r dun:
—You get paid for “done.”
—The necessity of nonsense.
—As worthy a goal as any.
—An 87-year-old bench presser.
—The story of Anthony Robles.
—Five pillars for success.
—Excuses, excuses.
—Two straight years of maintaining an exercise routine.
—How to get it all done.
—Competition breeds success.
—Get real.
—Inspiration from children’s literature.

P.S. Have you taken a look at how this whole economic stimulus plan is allocating money? If you haven’t, you really should. Of particular amusement, $75 million is earmarked for an anti-smoking program. By itself, it’s laughable as an economic stimulant. However, couple that with the children’s healthcare bill that Congress passed. The connection? The healthcare bill is funded by taxes from tobacco products. Just saying. Lots of enthusiasm. Not a whole lot of know-how.


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  1. The suntan drug melanotan one, “afamelanotide” actually isn’t ingested but is administered as an implant.


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