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Executive decision

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This has nothing to do with tonight’s Presidential address that I’m looking forward to not watching. Instead, I’d been working on a post for about a week, another links-only deal since I was about three weeks behind. I’ve been hemming and hawing about whether or not to continue doing the post-ending links or the catch-up posts to clear out my Google Reader starred items. It was slow going at best, and I was doing well to just tread water clearing out old items while continuing to add new ones. Then, thanks to some logistical issues and a couple unannounced computer reboots courtesy of Microsoft that wiped out about three hours of solid work from today, I decided enough was enough.

Frankly, I started including the ending links to fluff my posts (take that connotation however you will), but as I’ve developed my presentation here, the links have not only become fairly cumbersome to keep up with, but the time I spent working on keeping them relatively up-to-date started to take away from time and energy that could be better used, you know, writing actual material, a lot of it using stuff I would’ve otherwise just linked and forgotten about (way too many of those to remember). Who knows, maybe I’ll actually *snicker* start getting out more than *mmmph* one post a week *snort*

As such, the links here are a thing of the past despite healthy click-through counts and linkbacks from those links. However, all is not lost. As I’ve mentioned a couple times, I do “share” 99% of everything I read and would otherwise include in these link-offs, and those items do appear (in a MUCH more timely manner) in the “Recent Clicks” section to the left, and those that don’t usually get (re)tweeted on my Twitter feed. Also, if you click on the headline, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my publicly shared items, meaning you can *sniff* completely bypass *sniff* this entire site *sniff* *sniff*

(Note: I take full credit for both taking and editing this picture. Curly is a camera hound.)

I do like sharing what I’ve read—well, at least the stuff that I think is interesting, but I’d rather focus on writing than being a human Digg or Besides, other, more knowledgeable people are doing it to varying degrees, too. I will offer my picks of blogs to subscribe to, though. I do keep up with all the blogs you see to the right (as of this post); however, my general go-tos, the ones I regularly read in full and/or pass on to others, in no particular order, are:

—Ross Enamait
—Tony Gentilcore
—Scott Sonnon
—Mark’s Daily Apple
—International Youth Conditioning Association
—Lyle McDonald
—Wired Science

Now, if you’re on that right sidebar and your name didn’t make it above, I’m sorry, dems da berries. It doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy your writing, and it sure doesn’t mean that I don’t look at it as fodder for my own material. I will continue to read and comment and harrass, so don’t think you’re so lucky as to get rid of me ;)

Before wrapping, a couple things I’ve been shaking my head at for awhile. First, the search terms that point to my blog, most of them involving kittens, guns, and lately, various body parts involving Rachel Ray and Giada de Laurentiis. Sure, there are plenty of relevant searches, especially when it comes to road races around this area, but those aren’t nearly as fun as the total number of hits the phrase “f*** you” has brought in (168 and counting!). Second, I want to know who’s been pimping my blog the past three weeks or so. Not that I’m complaining, but I’d just like to know why the traffic is steadily been climbing, whether or not I post something. Have I finally reached the big-time to where I’m getting click-throughs from Chinese sweat shops paying kids a nickel an hour, or did Eric and Tony have to punish an intern? Third, what’s with the influx of Cyrillic spam? Maybe I should unlink Galya ;) Finally, I really want someone to put a railroad spike through Tracy Anderson’s thorax (name that movie, albeit with a different implement), which is unfortunate because if I didn’t know about her training “philosophy” and could just pretend she didn’t talk, she’d totally be on my “gimme” list. Oh well.

P.S. This totally counts as this week’s blog post :P


One Response to “Executive decision”

  1. Mark said

    Well, whatever the reason, glad your traffic is improving. And thanks for including me on your list!

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