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Happy @$!#%! DST

Posted by Ben on Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, who’s actually happy about the time change? (Note: there will be no projectiles in here unless I launch them :P) I personally only find DST annoying and not crusade-worthy on a physical level (ideologically, that’s another story); however, it did happen to occur on a weekend that was already thoroughly sleep-deprived due to work schedules and logistics, so after a shorter-than-normal Friday night of sleep, last night was laughable, on the order of parents with a newborn. I got in late after my first night out flying solo in over three months (won’t become a habit, but it needs to be more frequent), the dogs were restless in their sleep, and I kept waking up afraid that I was going to oversleep my alarm or that I’d forgotten to change the alarm clock(s) for DST. Bottom line: minimal sleep.

As such, as I’ve mentioned before, lack of sleep means I was CRAVING some junky breakfast food (I guess that could be “junkie,” too), and since I was out the door early this morning, I stopped at Hardee’s for the first time since (I think) college, so about ten years. The last time I remember going to Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr, for those of you in the West) was to try a “Six-Dollar Burger” that had just come out, which was purported to be a restaurant-quality burger, just at a fast-food joint. It was decent enough, nothing amazing, which wasn’t surprising—all fast-food ends up tasting the same in the end. Since then, of course, it’s come out with its line of Monster Thickburgers and other gastriconomic monstrosities, which doesn’t mean I’m not going to try one eventually, but the nearest Hardee’s is fairly out-of-the-way, and when there are a half-dozen Bojangles’ between here and there, it takes a special kind of effort to get to past those (if you know me at all, you know that Bojangles’ holds a special place in my Southern heart) :)

At any rate, I hit the Hardee’s drive-thru and got a ‘Frisco breakfast sandwich combo that included hash browns and coffee. I knew there’d be no question of how it would taste (meh) or if it would help my cravings (it did), but things sure have changed. First, that sandwich used to be massive, as in one of those deals you have a hard time fitting in your mouth for a bite; now, it’s no bigger than a typical sandwich or biscuit, just on soggy, thick “toast.” The hash browns, instead of being the former highly-processed, golden, crispy hocky pucks of old, actually looked like chopped-and-fried potato chunks. Fair enough, though I did kinda want the crunchies. Then I got to the coffee. Dear god, people, how do you do it? I echoed this sentiment just a few minutes ago when I was offered and accepted the leftover office coffee from this morning (still struggling to stay awake this afternoon), apparently Folgers or something similar. You remember the “bitter beer face” commercials? I think I had a similar “underground pumped coffee” face. Hardee’s coffee is barely more than coffee-flavored and -colored water; Folgers is just nasty (I think sour is the closest taste I can recognize). Granted, I’m an acknowledged food snob, but in times of need (or raging, otherwise unconquerable cravings), fuel must trump feel.

If I learned from or had anything reinforced from this experience, it’s to either suck it up and prep everything myself, or just try not to let the sleep-deprived stretches happen in the first place. I mean, I know they’re going to happen—that’s life—but take my car keys and my wallet or something, geez!

P.S. Random lateral lower-leg numbness sucks, especially when I can’t figure out a cause (just came on after static stretching a week or so ago and alternates between numb and tingly). Random ankle pain and swelling (like a sprain, except not) sucks more. Stress fractures suck even more, though not as much as a torn hamstring, so I guess it’s all relative.


3 Responses to “Happy @$!#%! DST”

  1. Amy said

    Maybe your mouth just got bigger, not the sandwich getting smaller. -duck-

  2. When it comes to coffee, you must Make Do! At least, that’s my mantra whenever anything remotely caffeinated comes into my vision.

    Maxwell House is pretty good for drip coffee. I can’t bring myself to actually pay for things like Starbucks, so I keep my coffee zero-cal sweeteners at home and treat myself that way.

    enjoy, Barbara

  3. Ben said

    I’m just going to pretend a certain someone got past security :P

    I don’t think I’ve had anything below Dunkin Donuts in many years. For the longest time, it was my go-to both at home and on the road, and it’s still a good cup of coffee, much better than Starbucks, which I won’t drink, free or not, unless I’m on the verge of death. I usually get some French roast from Trader Joe’s, both regular and decaf, and vary the mix each morning depending on how I feel. However, it’s probably just how I make it–according to some, it’s hair-growingly strong, but I like to chew my drinks :)

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