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Way out front or just way out there?

Posted by Ben on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a quickie this week (well, in reading time, not in composition time). I’m still working out how to proceed in the “Never gymless” series since it’s much easier (for me) to point out problems than to offer solutions, especially in generalities, but I’m getting there. In the meantime, I’ve noticed a lot of recent blogs and articles addressing some ideas I’ve posted about before, so as a sort of update and continuing commentary, I thought I’d share those more recent writings from others in relation to my own. I’m also hording articles to still do the occasional URL post (sort of like this one), but links will be saved and culled for longevity—if it can interest me in a month as much as it does when I first read it, it’s probably worth passing along rather than the spastic once-a-week efforts to just fill space I was doing before.

Budget fitness (11/13/2008) – “trainers” ripping you off, equipment you shouldn’t buy (also here; here’s a cheaper treadmill desk, if you must), equipment you should buy (especially if you’re like me and shun the gym), homemade isometric tool and glute-ham developer, perils of bargain shopping, looking great naked, brown bagging, bargaining down medical bills, insurance almost not worth the hassle (and why bother?).

Shoes suck (from the beginning) – going barefooted to get stronger, barefoot training guidelines, save some money, uncovering early footprints (we’re actually designed for barefooting).

So do mass media and celebrity (1/4/2009) – celebs have mental issues (you really want fitness advice from these people?), Tracy Anderson‘s gym flopping, Weekly World ABZ, hypnotherapy quack, watching Oprah keeps you fat, Biggest Loser facepalm (and branding), fitness ads may raise appetite (Frit-o-Lay targets women).

Girl training (11/22/2008) – sleds are for girls, get rid of the skinny girls, shun the girl push-ups.

Kids and playing (8/27/2008) – play versus practice, a guide to youth sports coaches, weights are safer than sports, play is vital(ity) (also here), kids mirror parents’ habits (despite overzealousness).

The Omnivore’s Dilemma (9/24/2008) – Tony and Brian and Mike (I swear I’m forgetting one here).

Magic pills (from the beginning) – a life on pills, multivitamin doubts (also here), from the Sports Illustrated archives, docs in the dark, gene therapy for obesity.

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