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The gym according to Dr. Seuss

Posted by Ben on Monday, April 6, 2009

I’m still a little fried from the serial post, so I’m boosting one from my friend John, who is the mind behind Mahler’s Monday Morning Motivators. Enjoy.

Stanley Lifts A Weight

I am Stan.
Stan the man.
Can you lift
the weight I can?

Can you lift it overhead?
Can you lift it with a dead?
Can you lift it with a squat?
Bet I can, and you cannot.

Can you lift it in the air?
Can you lift it anywhere?
Can you lift it, no he shrugs.
I can’t lift it without drugs.

Can you squat front, rear and hacks?
Do you know your one rep max?
Can you do a power clean?
Nope not on a Smith Machine.

Do your lifts impress the girls
Can’t do that with biceps curls.
The ladies just might notice you,
If you don’t lift just like they do.

Is your gym a place to play,
A stop within your busy day
Do you go there to be a jerk,
Or is it where you go to work.

When you go, what do you do?
I hope not just what comes to you.
And while you’re there don’t be a clown,
Lift weights and put that cell phone down.

Do you lift heavy, break a sweat?
‘Cause if you don’t you’re not there yet.
Can you get strong like Stan the man,
With some hard work, of course you can.

If you’re consistent, lifting weights,
And work real hard, and add some plates,
Then you’ll get strong, I know you can,
Like me, I’m Stan, I’m Stan the man.


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