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Back and still breathing

Posted by Ben on Thursday, April 30, 2009

I’m alive and moved, for the most part. It took right at a week to get the vast majority of stuff loaded, driven, and unloaded from one place to the other, but with the exception of all my books and a couple odds and ends (nothing that needs moving immediately, just sometime over the next few weeks), everything is in the “new” place, albeit in mind-numbing disarray; however, enough progress has been made that it’s not a complete stress-out (read: I now have fresh undies as needed rather than resorting to some air and Febreeze). All told, I’ll still take a week-plus move in a few dozen trips rather than one massive load in one or two days anytime. Sleep has been short in quantity, and I’ve been so wiped out most nights that I just fell into bed instead of sleeping on the floor, so my sleep has lacked in quality as well (more just passing out than sleeping). I finally made it back to the floor the other night, which of course is great, but my body is having to get readjusted again. It’s slightly remarkable just how much worse I feel in general from sleeping in a bed compared to sleeping on the floor.

Also, I did my first mass group motorcycle ride this past Saturday. It was a great idea in theory, and it was a worthwhile charity group, but I seriously live in an insulated world (the basis for a future post here) in that I’ve only ridden with at most one other bike before, but I know how to ride in groups thanks to the Riders Edge course from Harley Davidson. I’ve always been under the impression that motorcycle riders are more intelligent, watchful, defensive, and generally safer than other vehicle drivers simply because there is much less room for error with a motorcycle, and I admit that I’m borderline paranoid when I ride (which has made me a much better car driver as well), but I learned that many (most?) bikers are just as clueless and ignorant as people in cars on the road. It didn’t help that nearly half of the ride were walk-up registrants, so our law enforcement escort was seriously understaffed, which led to one of the officers losing to an SUV as he tried to get ahead of the ride to block off an intersection (reportedly serious leg injuries but nothing life-threatening). Just too many people for too few escorts. Plus, one of the ride went down on an interstate for some unknown reason, whether it was a medical condition or simple dehydration. I’m all for riding for a cause, but I’ll almost certainly not be doing a mass ride again. Too much stress, too much stupidity, too much cattle herd mentality.

That said, I don’t have a meaty post for you right now, but I’m well into that post on dealing with injuries—I just need more time to get it together since it’s threatening to reach serial post status. Don’t get your hopes up, though—there’s nothing groundbreaking or even scientific about it, just more anecdotal rambling like before, but hopefully I can make some headway on it for the next few days at work (the only time I have to write since home time is spent containing the chaos) and at least get part of it published. Besides, I really want to share the gore and good times from my most recent random tweak :)


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