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Sleep, shoes, and shaving: an update

Posted by Ben on Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was going to feel badly about having been away for so long, but between most of that away time being spent at the beach engaging in all manner of debauchery and the fact that no fewer than a half-dozen other blogs I follow also posted recent “sorry that it’s been awhile” posts, I don’t feel quite so badly. Just a little. Maybe.

Anyway, a couple updates and housekeeping notes:

—I’m approaching a full month of no training, mostly due to the move and subsequent setup and general housework. I’m getting antsy, so training is set to resume in the next few days. There’s also a mini-challenge for the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) that I’m debating entering. I haven’t done a challenge in a long time, and considering the slight malaise I’m in right now, this could be a great jump-start for me, not to mention I’m hopefully only a few weeks away from installing a climbing rope and some playground rings.

—My IYCA materials are being submitted tomorrow. Bring on the post-name letters! (pending passing, of course)

—I’m shaving my head on Saturday, June 13. You might have a say-so in what happens. Details here (and to the right).

—I wore my “dress” shoes—really a matte black pair of low-cut, thick-soled Timberlands—to a graduation ceremony last week. Within ten minutes of walking around, both my Achilles and calves hurt in a not-good way, as if something were about to cramp or pop. I took them off and walked around for a bit. No pain. Stay away from the shoes!

—I spent a couple nights of vacation in a bed with disastrous results (read: walking zombie and odd hip and knee pains that had exactly nothing to do with the amount and types of food and drink I was consuming). I then spend a couple nights on the floor that was essentially concrete topped with outdoor, low-pile carpeting. No pain or movement problems, even in my deconditioned state right now. Stay away from the mattresses!

So, apologies for the hiatus. I have a TON of articles in my RSS reader to go over, so at least I have some fodder for more writing in the semi-near future. Maybe.


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