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Speaking of shaving…

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I mention the following since getting a haircut (and now a shave) is one of the single most relaxing things I can think of, so I’m counting is as regeneration :)

My recent move took me even farther from the already-tad-too-long drive I used to make to get my haircuts, and while twenty minutes was a stretch, an hour is completely out of the question, so I ventured down the street from the “new” place to a barber shop that advertises ten-dollar haircuts. This is usually a bad thing since anything at or under ten bucks these days is probably not the best when it comes to haircuts—I usually paid $15-20 for what I thought was a decent job—but I was willing to take the chance since I’m shaving it all off in a few weeks anyway.

I walked into the Matthews Barber Shop on Monroe Road this morningi and stepped back into the more traditional barber shops of my earliest days. Four barber chairs facing a dozen waiting chairs, a middle-aged East Asian man at work (the only difference from my past, which was more Floyd-from-Mayberry), and his wife, who spoke a half-dozen words of English and ended up doing my cut and shave. Ten minutes later, I had my clippers-only haircut. Another fifteen minutes later, I had my first-ever barber shop shave. I know there are places like Roosters in town, but for twenty bucks (the shave was another ten) plus tip, I really don’t need or want much else, and being five minutes down the road doesn’t hurt, either. In all likelihood, they have a new regular customer. Just need to tell the lady to skip the aftershave—I smell like Brut now *ugh*

I forgot to mention last time that one effect of my recent move is less time online for me. Before, my commute was just walking downstairs, so my laptop stayed on, meaning I was on it more often than not. Now, between all the packing and unpacking of my computer gear and the continuing stream of projects on the house, my laptop almost never gets powered on when I’m not at work, so blog posts may slow down a bit overall, but I’m still here; in fact, my pending IYCA certification and (hopeful) subsequent related work may actually start to dominate the content here, but there will continue to be content. As for all my backlogged links, I’m still throwing them out in my “Recent Clicks” section, so if their inclusion here is a little sparse, I’m still getting my reading done.

Coming semi-soon (maybe): the joys of grilling (in honor of having officially broken in the new grill last night).


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