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The power of pictures

Posted by Ben on Saturday, May 30, 2009

I decided to join a small body composition challenge over at JP Fitness this past week. Just “before” pictures and measurements so far, and as you can see by the rules, it’s pretty wide open, just one check-in at the end of the timeframe (Memorial Day-ish to Labor Day-ish). Measurements are just numbers to be tracked and compared frankly for vanity’s sake, but pictures are the blunt, no-punches-pulled truth. After looking at mine, a couple thoughts came to mind:

—It seems odd that I feel and move as well as I do while having that kind of body shape.
—Things certainly have gotten a bit out of hand since the last round of pictures I took a few years ago, though I do blame my relative lack of inactivity due to various injuries, especially over the past year (not blaming the injuries, just the inactivity).
—Knowing what my body CAN look like with some seriously strict training and dietary regimens, and seeing my starting point, everyone else might as well drop out ‘cuz they are toast :)

Need a kick in the pants? Go take some undies-only pictures. Try to get the camera at waist level rather than eye level—that couple feet of difference really changes the perspective and gives you a better idea of your true body shape. Look at the pictures and decide if you’ve really been training as hard as you can or eating as cleanly as you should. I know I haven’t. You’re welcome.

For the good of humanity and the sake of your eyesight, I will not be posting those pictures here. Again, you’re welcome.


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