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Give the gift of life

Posted by Ben on Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rescue a tractor or truck tire from the trash heap. You give an old tire new purpose, help the environment, and whip yourself into shape fairly quickly. I FINALLY picked one up today—if you’re in the Charlotte area, Miller Brothers (8101 Statesville Road, in a small, white trailer behind ChillCon way back off the road). It’s about four feet high (see Twitter for a pic until I get one/some uploaded here), and I have no idea how much it weighs, but it’s enough that one tire flip is (I’m guessing) about 90% of my maximum ability right now. Of course, you have to have a place to keep this tire, so I wouldn’t recommend an apartment of any kind—this sucker is dirty and won’t be completely water-free for a couple weeks.

Speaking of water, I finally moved the very last of my junk out of my old place to the current one. This included my slosh pipe. My climbing rope is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday; ordered from the eBay supplier in the linked article). There will be a lot of grunting and sweating (in a PG-rated manner) shortly :)

By the way, just over a week until the dome gets chromed. Every little bit helps!


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