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The shave IS the haircut

Posted by Ben on Sunday, June 14, 2009

It’s done. The only visible hairs on my head are my brows and lashes. Before getting to the pictures, I’d like to thank everyone who donated, attended, and/or just spread the word. A little over a month ago, a couple guys were being guys (online, but that’s beside the point), and in the end, $225 went to the Komen Foundation (I’ll keep the fund page active for awhile so Jay’s pictures can be seen).

So far (a day), so good with no hair, and oddly enough, I kind of like the look and feel (more research needed, especially when working out and/or out in the sun for extended periods of time). If I decided to keep this look, I’ll invest in a HeadBlade, but I want to give this a couple weeks before making that call. For now, it’s very stubbly and feels like chapped skin, which I assume will go away the longer I’m bald and applying lotion. I will say that I like the thought of saving around $150 per year on haircuts.

Lastly, I put together a quick-and-dirty compilation of the videos taken, but it blows away YouTube’s size limits (that’s what she said), so I’ll be doing more editing and hopefully get it uploaded tomorrow, after which I’ll embed it at the bottom of this post.

Now, without (even) further ado…

And as promised, here’s the video (finally):

Still not as cool as this guy (NSFW language), but close.


4 Responses to “The shave IS the haircut”

  1. Chad Dukes said

    So much for “a little off the top!”

  2. Greg said

    I really hate to say it, but you look better bald. Get a head blade to keep it up. And what’s up with all the female contributors?


  3. Ben said

    Well, it WAS for breast cancer… just saying…

  4. Dave said

    Man, this ROCKS! Keep it shaved, Ben!! U da’MAN!!

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