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Youth Fitness Specialist 1

From the IYCA website:

We believe that developmentally-sound, fun and goal-oriented exposure to fitness and sport is a necessary building block in progressing through the formative years into adulthood.

Our collective passion to recapture the innocence of play and fitness for children and teenagers worldwide knows absolutely no boundaries.

Our mandate is to infuse the fitness and sport training industry with an excellence in education and resources so that we can all work together to instill proper measures of fitness and sport development training back into the lives of our youngest generation.

Our mission is to fulfill our duty as the leaders of the youth fitness and sport training industry and help reform the quality and care we are providing for our youth.

What this means for you:
—I am here to provide guidance for physical development in children (ages 6-17) through full-body, movement-based programming. There are no machines involved, and rarely will there be external loading (weights) of any kind. Instead, we’ll explore the full spectrum of strength, mobility, flexibility, and conditioning by simply doing what the body can naturally do while also addressing specific postural and movement deficiencies, notably those adopted due to a seated, sedentary lifestyle. Note that clothes will get dirty. Every time. Sometimes even filthy. Fun will be had.
—I am here for ALL children, not just gifted athletes or couch potatoes. Regardless of lifestyle, children up through (and often beyond) high school are not fully developed in their neural or motor pathways, so every child can benefit from this approach.
—I am here to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable by helping children find and foster a love of a physical lifestyle through play and positive reinforcement. Conversely, I am not here produce prodigies or superstars. There will most likely be no sport-specific elements involved except for some older children, depending on their goals.

Program types:
—Group (see next section)
—Team (sports)
—Consulting and program design (schools and community groups)

Program group distinctions and eligibility:
—Ages 6-9, 10-13, 14-17, 18+
—I already mentioned my focus on children ages 6-17. I will also include some five-year-olds on a case-by-case basis, and adults are welcome as well for separate sessions (I’d say adults need this stuff as much as or more than children). Parents on their own fitness journey who want to join their children at play will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Program duration:
—I require an absolute minimum three-month commitment (1-3 sessions a week). Seems like a long time, doesn’t it? There’s a reason: most programs promise results in six-to-eight weeks, and as often as not, they achieve those results, but what happens a month or three afterward? Are the gains still in place? Highly unlikely. I’m not here to improve a vertical jump, a forty-yard dash time, or a maximum bench press. I am here to improve movement and mitigate pain for the long-term, and it takes a “long term” to set the table for the long-term. Other program length options are six months and one year, and of course, enrollment can be renewed.

Program safety:
—I hold current certifications in First Aid and AED usage for infants, children, and adults. Plus, I’ve experienced numerous injuries firsthand—don’t let your child(ren) have to deal with the same lack of coordination that I did/do!

Program pricing and payment:

—Coming semi-soon!

Questions? Feel free to email me with training-related questions any time at: s o u n d s m i t h C L T “at” g m a i l “dot” c o m (formatted to avoid spammers and web crawlers).


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  1. M Anderson said

    Hi would you post our Kings Mountain YMCA Jingle Bell Rockin’ Run on Dec. 4? If so, email me for me info.
    M Anderson

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